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Name:Fanfiction by Lyras
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Community description:fanfiction by Lyras
This community is for fanfiction by [personal profile] lyras.

What you'll find here: I primarily write Harry Potter fic, but make occasional forays into other fandoms, including Diane Duane's Young Wizards series, the Anne of Green Gables books and the Lord Peter Wimsey stories by Dorothy L Sayers.

In HP, I write gen, het and slash; my favourite characters and pairings are Neville and the Longbottoms, Harry/Ginny and Remus/Sirius. I also love writing rare pairs and exploring the motivations of underappreciated characters. Some stories contain adult content; if you are under 18, please note warnings/ratings and do not read where appropriate.

All my fanfic will eventually be posted here, along with recs for other stories that I enjoy. Stories are tagged according to character, length, and whether they're gen, het, slash or femslash (sometimes there's an overlap). I've also tagged my personal favourites under, well, the personal favourites tag.

I welcome any feedback, and if you offer constructive criticism I will love you forever.

Please note that all characters and settings are the property of their respective authors. I am not attempting to make any money here; I'm merely having fun.
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